• 1572 2nd Edition Bishops Bible Leaf (2nd Thessalonians, Famous Rapture Passage)

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    This leaf contains the famous rapture verses from 1st Thessalonians and the title page to 2nd Thessalonians.

    The 1572 Bishops Bible was printed by Richard Jugge, London. This is the second edition of the Bishop’s Bible, a revision of the Great Bible, undertaken by Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury. The work was carried out in several sections, which vary considerably in value. In correcting the "Great" Bible, both the Greek and Hebrew originals were consulted as well as Castalio’s Latin version of 1551. The alterations in the NT show original and vigorous scholarship. As in the Geneva Bible of 1560, verse numbers are printed by each verse, but the old division letters (A, B, C...) are also retained.

    In April 1571 the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury ordered that copies of this edition should be placed in every cathedral, and as far as possible in every Church; and enjoined every ecclesiastical dignitary to exhibit a copy in a prominent place in his house for the use of his servants and guests.

    This leaf is in good antiquarian condition. It measures about 11" X 16 with some browning and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. 


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