• 1597 Geneva Folio Bible Leaf (Title Page of Genesis)

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    Size: small folio 10" x 7"

    Publisher: Christopher Barker, London

    About Leaf: This leaf is an from a Red Ruled Roman Letter Folio GENEVA BIBLE printed in 1597. The Red Ruling was done for the well to do in that day. This leaf is the TITLE-PAGE OF GENESIS through Chapter 2. It also has an old inscription dated 1624. The Geneva Bible is often referred to as the 'Breeches' Bible because of its translation in Genesis 3:7 as "and they sowed figge-tree leaves together, and made themselves breeches" (the KJV has "aprons"). The Bible is printed in 2 columns Roman font letter (easily readable) text with the extensive Geneva Bible notes in Roman font on the sides and as footnotes.

    This beautiful leaf measures about 7" X 10" with some browning/creasing/old inscriptions and will come with a certificate of authenticity.


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