• Book Apollo 1 (204) Accident Hearings


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    Original Apollo Accident Hearings before the House Committee On Science and Astronautics 

    90th Congress 1st Session Volume IV
    Investigation Into Apollo 204 Accident (Subcommittee on NASA Oversight) (Vol II, Pt 2)
    Investigation Into Apollo 204 Accident (Subcommittee on NASA Oversight) (Vol II, Pt. 3)

    This rare original book was printed for use of the Committee on Science and Astronautics U.S. House of Representatives Ninetieth Congress First Session printed April 10, 1967.

    This book is nearly four inches thick and has so much information that I am not sure where to begin.  It has many fold out diagrams with extensive information. 

    Contents page reads:
    Volume II
    PART 2

                                                          Appendix C:  (Continued)
                                                          Section 2 (Apollo operations handbook systems data)
                                                          Appendix D:
                                                          Panel 1 (Spacecraft and ground support equipment configuration)
                                                          Panel 2 (Test environments)
                                                          Panel 3 (Sequence of events)
                                                          Panel 4 (Disassembly activities panel)
                                                          Panel 5 (Origin and propagation of fire)
                                                          Panel 6 (Historical data)
                                                          Panel 7 (Test procedures review)
                                                          Panel 8 (Materials Review)
                                                          Panel 9 (Design reviews panel)
                                                          Panel 10 (Analysis of fracture areas)

    Item condition:

    Some writing on pages, folds on page corners and bumped edges. It is in very good condition for a fifty year old book with normal wear to the cloth cover and interior pages and diagrams. The pages are numbered 757 through 2500 and there are ten fold out diagrams.  The black cloth cover has "Joseph E. Karth" embossed in gold on the front and the edges of the pages are marbleized white, blue, red and yellow.  The spine has two labels, one in red with gold printing and one in tan with gold printing.