• The Complete Course Piano (Book 1 1/2)


    Many people are enjoying the Complete Church Piano Course and successfully learning how to play the hymns, but some are struggling to transition from Book 1 to Book 2 because Book 2 is quite a bit more challenging. Pastor Anderson has just finished a new book to help bridge the gap between Books 1 & 2. 

    If you are at least about halfway through Book 1, you are ready to jump into Book 1 1/2. This new book provides a lot more practice songs that have been arranged at a beginner level, as well as teaching some things that are not taught in the other books. 

    Don't give up on learning to play church piano. Get Book 1 1/2 and keep on practicing!

    This book is designed for the student who has completed most of Book 1 but is not quite ready for the difficulties of Book 2. This in-between book will provide more practice songs, reinforce concepts from Book 1, and teach a few unique things not found in either Books 1 or 2.