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I have hired a full time editor that is working on the project. He has been working for the past few months non stop to get this movie done. So far, the first half of the movie has been roughed in. Also, we have finished and uploaded to VHX nearly all of the 31+ hours of full interviews and footage from our amazing trip to Botswana! All can be seen TODAY by clicking here. These interviews have literally taken hundreds of hours of editing to complete.

So far we have raised $10,586 of our $30,000 fundraising goal for our new documentary film, "Deported"!  This has given us the ability to keep an editor working on this project since September of last year. However, we are completely out of money for this movie, so again we are trying to raise more money in hopes to keep producing this movie.

Those of you who believe in what we are doing, please consider donating! To date we have 6 Associate Producers that have stepped forward and are helping us get this movie off the ground.  I would like to thank Tyrone & Christy Warren, George Nemec, Tim & Mollie Pietsch, Korey Prill, Collin & Blair Schneide & Paul & Nancy Willmore for there support!  You are a blessing, and have made it possible to get this movie to where we are at today.

However, I am hoping more will step forward and help. We are really in need of an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER so if you can help - please consider donating to this important film. If you donate you will get the following:

  • Executive Producer ($5000+) you will get your name in the opening and closing credits of the film. You will also get 10 copies of the film upon release.
  • Associate Producer ($1000) you will get your name in the opening and closing credits of the film. You will also get 5 copies of the film upon release.
  • Funding Partners ($200) will get their name at the end of the film when credits roll and a copy of the movie when done.

Both Pastor Anderson and I are very excited about all our projects that are in the works. Please consider donating to this important film and pray for the rest of the projects that are going. We've been working non-stop here. Currently, I have 2 editors working full time at getting all of our projects done. Hopefully, we'll raise enough funding to hire another editor so we can get all our projects out the door this year.

Your continued effort to help us spread our message is invaluable and I can’t say thank you enough. 

Watch and Share Trailer:

We also have at this time 31+ hours of footage from our movie that is now available to stream instantly on VHX for only $39.99!

Thanks for reading!

Paul Wittenberger