Don't Tread On Us [Music CD]


Framing the World Records presents 'Don't Tread On Us'.  This new album is a collection of 17 original patriotic songs by Gianluca Zanna.  These Songs of Freedom & Love for the Second American Revolution combine over 10 years of thoughts and emotions into one heart felt disk.  Get this amazing album today! 

  1. Dont Tread On Us
  2. Wake Up America (Acoustic)
  3. We the People
  4. The Wall
  5. Remember the Alamo
  6. The Line in the Sand
  7. Here They Come
  8. Thrive
  9. The Second Amendment
  10. Live Free or Die
  11. I Am Not Afraid
  12. The Enemies Within
  13. Revolution
  14. Get US Out of the United Nations
  15. Show Me the Law
  16. A Bright New Day
  17. Don't Tread On Us (Instrumental)