Faithful Word Baptist Church (Starter Pack, USB)

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Order the new "Faithful Word Baptist Church Starter Pack" audio USB drive. This USB contains 27 hours of audio sermons by Pastor Steven Anderson. Here are all the sermons listed below.

  1. Why We Need Hard Preaching
  2. An Omer For Every Man
  3. Who Are The Real Jews?
  4. Earthly, Sensual, Devilish
  5. The Old Man VS The New Man
  6. Jesus In Isaiah 53
  7. Soul Winning - Starting The Conversation
  8. Soul Winning - Gospel Presentation
  9. The Entire Bible Overview
  10. Jesus In The Book Of Revelation
  11. Buying And Selling In Church
  12. The Spirit, And The Water, And The Blood
  13. Science Fiction Religion
  14. Without God In The World
  15. Why There Are Four Gospels
  16. Unto Us Which Are Saved
  17. Bible Principles For Missions - Botswana
  18. In The Name Of Jesus
  19. Hard Words In The KJV
  20. Loosen Your Grip On The Things Of This World
  21. Rejected Nigh Unto Cursing 
  22. Be One Of The Few
  23. The Bad Example Of Japan
  24. Branches Running Over The Wall
  25. Blacking Out While Drunk
  26. Living In The Book Of Acts
  27. Power In Judgement