• Death of 3 Astronauts at Cape Kennedy, Houston Chronicle


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    Death of 3 Astronauts at Cape Kennedy Grissom, White, Chaffee Houston Chronicle

    This is a newspaper item out of the Houston Chronicle dated January 28, 1967. The front page is titled “Three Brave Men - Grissom, White, Chaffee”. It address the tragic death of 3 US astronauts on the Launchpad at Cape Kennedy. The front page talks about the families of these brave men and the astronauts themselves. The back page talks about the visitation to the three families notifying them of these deaths. Its a wonderful article and a true piece of American history. The article is in pretty good condition considering it is almost 50 years old. Not a full newspaper, just one page with the article about the deaths of the astronauts.

    Condition: Fair
    15x24 inches (when unfolded)
    Dated January 28, 1967