• "Marching to Zion" Restoration Project [Donation]

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    Since the After the Tribulation Restoration Project was such a success we have decided to do the Marching to Zion Restoration Project next! This project is about double the amount of work as the ATT Project as we did double the amount of interviews.  The good news is we will finally get to watch the extended Rabbi Interviews for the first time. 

    For this project I'm trying to raise $8000 to help us with the editing costs of this project. If you believe in what we are doing - please consider donating to us. We will be adding all donor names at the end of every interview and sermon we release. Also if you donate you will be getting a HARD COPY when it's released.

    - Donate $1000.  You will get your name at the beginning of every interview and at the end. You will also receive 5 hard copies of the final product.

    FUNDING PARTNER - Donate $200-$999.  You will get your name listed at the end of the credits. You will receive a hard copy of the final product.

    SPECIAL THANKS FUNDER - Anything below $200.