Iceland: A Nation of Bastards


Iceland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are often touted as progressive models of ‘social democracy’ by liberals and western media pundits intent on implementing socialism and big government policies in the United States and other ‘capitalist’ economies.
Gender equality, paid parental leave, ‘free’ health-care, ‘free’ education, generous unemployment and study benefits, high standard of living and life expectancy with low working hours make Scandinavians the ‘happiest people’ on earth.

But despite the enticing rhetoric, utopian socialism has a devastating history often overlooked by those weaned on political correctness, Facebook memes and TV soundbites. Is Scandinavia the happiest place on earth, a socialist utopia, or have progressives undermined the cornerstone these once great christian nations were founded upon? This film applies the timeless truths of the Bible to show the folly of those who reject the word of God, and lean upon their own understanding.