• The Truth about Buddhism


    Buddhism is gaining popularity in the USA and other Western nations because it denies the existence of a creator God. As our culture becomes more atheistic, many non-believers are sucked in by Buddhism's offer of spirituality "without having to accept anything on faith." However, when you go deeper into what Buddhism actually teaches, you will find a religion of death worship, idolatry, and praying to demons. Unwitting agnostics sign on for the meditation and vibes, but next thing they know they are chanting the name of a Hindu god (i.e. a devil).

    This documentary tells a detailed story of Buddha's life, which includes a lot that must be taken on faith. In fact, the story is downright ridiculous and unbelievable. The film then uses the word of God to expose the Satanic doctrines of Buddhism for the wicked deceptions that they are.