• 1597 Foxe Acts & Monuments Folio (Martyrs Leaf 1)


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    Title: 1597 Foxe Acts & Monuments Folio (Martyrs Leaf 1)

    Description: This is a RARE offering for a Folio size Black Letter Leaf from the Foxe Acts and Monuments, now called Foxe Book of Martyrs, printed in 1597 by Peter Short. It is called "The First and Second Volume of the Ecclesiastical History".This has a large woodcut of the persecuted martyrs.

    This is from a very well known work of the Christian Persecution that took place up until the end of the 16th Century! It has been told that there was more persecution in the 20th Century than all the previous Centuries combined. I also have leaves with Woodcuts and specific leaves with well known Biblical Scholars of the early days of Biblical printing/Martyrdom.

    Size: Measures about 10 X 14 1/2 and will come with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

    Condition: This leaf is in good antiquarian condition with soiling.

    Date: 1597

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