• 1638 King James Folio Bible Leaf w/ Widows Mite (Luke 19-21, Rapture Passage)


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    This is a rare offering for a large Folio Hand Colored Title Bible Leaf from the Authentique Corrected CAMBRIDGE BIBLE, revised Mandato Regio printed by Thomas Buck and Roger Daniel in 1638 at the University of Cambridge. This leaf contains the GOSPEL OF LUKE 19-21 (partial) with chapter 21:1-4 where we are told of the wonderful story of the widow putting in all of what she owned, known as the widow's mite. Jesus told us this story to show that it is not how much quantity we put in  but how much we put in of what we have available, so each has an opportunity to earn a reward.

    “Measures about 9 1/2 X 15 1/2 with some browning and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.”   


    Inventory Located In Group 7:3