• 1717 Engraving (Daniel)


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    Extremely rare engraving originating from a beautiful Print Bible: "Bybelsche Figuren, vertonende de voornaamste Historien der Heylige Schrifture ....", published in 1717 by I. Enschede, Haarlem, The Netherlands. (Ref: New Hollstein 335-422, 2nd (final) state, with the numbers, the 7th edition; Poortman 22-43.) The poetry is by Reinier Anslo (1626-1669). The first edition of this bible was published by F. van Raphelingen, 1592-1593. We also carry some plates from the 1682 edition, published by van Royen. On our website you will find an complete 1653 edition of "Emblemata Sacra", with the larger versions of these prints and a more extensive description. All editions are extremely rare.

    Artists and Engravers:  The author of this Bible is Hendrik Jansen Barrevelt. This leader of a religious sect with famous followers, such as Christoffel Plantijn and his friends, was called 'The Second House of Love'. Barrefelt considered himself a prophet and called himself Hiel. The spiritual ideas of Hiel were expressed in the fine series of engravings by Pieter van der Borcht (1545-1608), a reknowned Flemish artist from Mechelen and chief Illustrator of the famous Antwerp publisher Plantijn. 


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