• 1832 John Foxe Book Of Martyrs Pagan Death Christian Protestant "Eli Hall"

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    Published by Eli Hall, Hartford. The spine is in good shape, besides the first 2 front pages which are loose but still hanging on, there is a lot of wear on the front and back leather covers, and there are spots on the front and back few pages but the rest of the pages very minimal to none. The back part of the book looks like the corner was bent but its only a crease in the leather.

    This book has an interesting story:1832 Book Of Martyrs, A history of the lives, sufferings, and triumphant deaths, of the primitive as well as protestant martyrs from the commencement of Christianity  to the latest periods of pagan and popish persecution. To which is added, an account of the inquisition, the Bartholomew massacre, in France, the general persecution under Louis XIV. The massacre in the Irish rebellion, in the year 1641, and the recent persecutions of the protestants in the south of France. Originally composed by the Rev. John Fox, M. A. And now improved by important alterations and additions, by Rev. Charles A. Goodrich. Embellished with numerous engravings.