• C1240 Medieval Manuscript Bible Leaf (Luke 19-21)


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    Title: C1240 Medieval Manuscript Bible Leaf (Luke 19-21)

    Description: This bible leaf is the oldest leaf I own.  It is from Circa 1240 and contains the Gospel of Luke 19-21. It is a rare handwritten and decorated Bible Leaf from Paris, France C1240. This comes from a Medieval Manuscript Bible, one that would have been carried by friar in his travels. 12 Lines of latin scripture inch in 2 columns of 48 lines ruled in plummet. Written on very fine Vellum in dark brown ink in an extremely small and elegant gothic book hand. This Leaf Contains the Gospel Of Luke 19-21 With widows mites verses. 

    Size: 4 3/8" X  6 3/8"

    Condition: Excellent

    Date: 1240

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