Fluoride: Poison on Tap Book

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Is water fluoridation a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay? Or is it a toxic waste product not fit for human consumption?

Going against what nearly every dentist, scientist, and study claims, this new book exposes the truth on this subject. Going into what "fluoride" (hydrofluosilicic acid) is, where it comes from (hint: it's not nature), and why someone is trying to put it in our water, this book uncovers the conspiracy, and shows all the evidence to prove it.

In the works for several years now, we are now trying to really get going on this project. The book is mostly done, just needs some editing and formatting. If you would like to help us get this book out sooner, and get your name in the back of the book, please donate today!

If you donate more than $50 you will receive a copy of the book when complete and your name listed in the back of the book. If you donate more than $200 you will get your name in the opening pages of the book for your help at getting this completed.