Secret Project 2


Here it is, Secret Project #2

Our First Secret Project was a HUGE success and now we've created an even better product/experience for you!  When we revealed our First Secret Project at the New IFB Soulwinning Conference, it was already completely sold out.  We saw first hand how much everyone loved the playing cards and had a blast talking about and trading them. 

During that conference we realized we had to create another product/experience even better than what we had just released.  So our team sat down and we created an idea that we knew would take the Secret Project Experience to a wholenother level!

We are currently in the design stage of our build and we need you to pre-order Secret Project Number 2 today, to make this concept a reality.  We will be revealing our project this year at the Marching to Zion Conference in Atlanta Georgia and will have prototypes available at the event. 

Now like Secret Project number one, we're expecting this to be a blockbuster sell out so click the link bellow and pre-order Secret Project number 2 today!