Guyana: A New Kind of Missions Trip



In early March 2017, Pastor Steven L Anderson and 8 others traveled to Guyana for a short missions trip. Over the course of 4 and a half days, they preached the Gospel to over 4,500 public school students, distributed over 7,000 preaching DVDs, and won 169 people to the Lord through personal soul-winning. This video documents their journey, explains how they were able to do so much in so little time, and provides a model for others to duplicate this style of missions trip in the Caribbean, Africa, or elsewhere.

This DVD contains the 7 full school sermons preached by Pastor Anderson on this trip, as well as 1 sermon preached in a hotel conference room in Trinidad and Tobago on the way home. It also contains practical advice and testimonies from the other 8 members of the missions team. As you journey with us to Guyana through these videos, our prayer is that you will be inspired to go to the mission field yourself and participate in a new kind of missions trip.