• Jamaica: A 3D Missions Project (NOW SHIPPING)


    In January 2018, 37 soul-winners traveled to Jamaica for a short missions trip. Over the course of 6 days, they preached the Gospel to thousands public school students, distributed over 7,000 preaching DVDs flash drives, and won over 800 people to the Lord through personal soul-winning. Documenting this great journey, Jamaica: A 3D Missions Project shows an all around, three-dimensional approach to evangelism.

    This 3-disk DVD contains seventeen videos of sermons (including many by Pastor Major), testimonies, and fun times in Jamaica, with over 7 hours of material. Join Paul Wittenberger, Pastor Joe Major, and many others in this ground-breaking anthology DVD showing how to win souls, have fun, and do missions the right way.


    Associate Producer:
    Willie Marques

    Funding Partner:
    Jung Lee

    Special Thanks:
    Thomas Turner
    Matthew Buhr
    John & Michelle Ball
    Ethel Brueggeman
    Michael & Cheryl Burr
    Julio Feliz
    Tyran Grillo
    Ngar Ip
    Helen Jones
    Ross Kirchway
    John Pantelias
    Bradly Paparis
    Mark Sky
    Garrett Weiss
    Diane Wilmot
    Aaron Zemlicka
    Robin Kearney
    Robert Hodgetts