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    To "celebrate" the 70th anniversary of the creation of modern day Israel, we will be hosting the first (and last) Marching to Zion Conference - three days filled with preaching, soul-winning, testimonies, and fellowship! If you like Bible Prophecy, hate Judaism, or just want to hear some sermons, make sure to come down to Atlanta, GA, for unforgettable Biblical teaching!

    October 11-13

    Speakers that will be attending the event:

    1. Pastor Steven Anderson
    2. Pastor Donnie Romero
    3. Pastor Joe Major
    4. Pastor Tommy McMurtry
    5. Pastor David Berzins
    6. Pastor Patrick Boyle
    7. Pastor Michael Johnson
    8. Pastor Grayson Fritts
    9. Pastor Aaron Thompson
    10. Pastor Jonathan Shelley
    11. Bro. Adam Fannin
    12. Bro. Bruce Mejia