• New IFB Soulwinning Conference Donation


    Door to door soulwinning - going house-to-house with the word of God like the Bible teaches -  is on the decline today, in favor of flyers, doorhangers, free food, or no evangelism whatsoever. Because of that, it is now JWs, not Baptists, who are famous for preaching their beliefs.

    At the New-IFB soulwinning conference, we bring together a group of preachers and Christians who love soulwinning for a major soulwinning marathon, as well as three days of teaching and preaching on evangelism. Want to know how to go soulwinning? Need some motivation for why? Like listening to testimonies? Don't miss this new DVD series, available for pre-order now.

    We have raised several thousand dollars for this conference; thank you to all our donors for making this possible! However, we do still need more funding to make the DVD series possible. If you can, donate or pre-order so we can get this out as soon as we can!

    Speakers from the event:

    1. Pastor Steven Anderson
    2. Pastor Roger Jimenez
    3. Pastor Joe Major
    4. Pastor Tommy McMurtry
    5. Pastor David Berzins
    6. Pastor Donnie Romero
    7. Pastor Jason Robinson
    8. Pastor Michael Johnson
    9. Pastor Logan Robertson
    10. Bro. Bruce Mejia
    11. Pastor Tim Delello
    12. Pastor Manly Perry


    Aaron Zemlicka

    John Broberg
    Paul & Nancy Willmore
    Willie Marques
    Paul Niven
    Christoph Lai

    Henry & Irene Bienek
    Neil Blake
    Michael & Cheryl Burr
    Stephane Couleru
    Christopher Hales
    Evan Richey
    Raunak Rathod
    Christian Checotah
    Joseph Freeman
    Michael Lesyshyn
    Anne Milanesi
    Philip Perry
    Daniel Quirke
    Graham Scott
    Filip Skomerža
    Gina Thornton

    Shelia DiMeolo
    Johnathon Bates
    Neil Blake
    Jerry Capriotti
    Cuauhtemoc Alferez
    Friendship Baptist Church
    The Church in Caloundra
    Charles Cullimore
    Julio Feliz
    Peter Forsberg
    Jason Glynn
    Andrew Glyntzos
    Brandon Hagen
    Mike & June Harrison
    Liberty Baptist Church
    William MacGregor
    Matthew Marshall
    Nick Moore
    Christopher Pumfrey
    Brian Rafalski
    Frank Rocha
    Lucas Slagle
    Amy Whittome
    Marcus & Laurie Wisotzki
    Winfield & Queenie Fisher
    Edward Aguilar
    Uladzimir Barysiuk
    Eric Blackwell
    Basil Brown
    Forrest Fanning
    David Giesbrecht
    Mark & Heidi Harshman
    Thomas Havis
    Ray & Jamie Hesser
    Robin Kearney
    Eddie King
    Annette Lozensky
    Tommy & Cassandra McMurtry
    Matthew Racine
    Mike Regan
    DeAnn Smith
    Michael Vanderzee
    Diane Wilmot
    Mark Martin
    Brett Carter
    Tiffinie Nelson-Julien
    David Garwood
    Alberto Hernandez

    Justin Zhong