• New IFB Soul-Winning Conference (Now Shipping)

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    Soul-winning is on the decline today. Ignoring the great commission to "preach the gospel to every creature", churches substitute door-to-door evangelism with cheap substitutes like flyers, door-hangers, free food, or nothing whatsoever. Because of this souls are lost, churches are dying, and today's Christians produce no spiritual fruit.

    The New-IFB Soulwinning Conference, brings together a group of preachers and Christians who love the lost for a memorable three-day event with a goal of training and motivating soul-winners everywhere. Hosted by Framing the World, this event features preaching, teaching, and stories about evangelism, as well as a major soul-winning marathon in Detroit, MI.

    Whether you've just begun soul-winning, or have been preaching the gospel for years, this conference is a charge for your spiritual batteries. Want to know how to go soul-winning? Need some motivation for why? Do you like listening to testimonies? Don't miss this new four-disc series!