• New IFB Soul-Winning Conference (PRE-ORDER)


    Door to door soul-winning - going from house to house with the word of God -  is on the decline today. Ignoring the command to "preach the gospel to every creature", churches instead offer cheap substitutes like flyers, doorhangers, free food, or even no evangelism whatsoever. Because of that, souls are lost, churches are dying, and JWs, not Baptists, are famous for preaching their beliefs.

    At the New-IFB Soul-Winning Conference, we bring together a group of preachers and Christians who love the lost for a three-day conference featuring preaching, teaching, and stories about evangelism, as well as a major soul-winning marathon. Want to know how to go soul-winning? Need some motivation for why? Like listening to testimonies? Don't miss this new DVD series, available for pre-order now.

    We have raised several thousand dollars for this conference; thank you to all our donors for making this possible! However, we do still need more funding to make the DVD series possible. If you can, donate or pre-order so we can get this out as soon as we can!

    Speakers from the event:

    1. Pastor Steven Anderson
    2. Pastor Roger Jimenez
    3. Pastor Joe Major
    4. Pastor Tommy McMurtry
    5. Pastor David Berzins
    6. Pastor Donnie Romero
    7. Pastor Jason Robinson
    8. Pastor Michael Johnson
    9. Pastor Logan Robertson
    10. Bro. Bruce Mejia
    11. Pastor Manly Perry