New IFB Soulwinning Conference Donation

Free Shipping!

If you plan on attending this conference, or want more info, click here. This is the donation page.

We at Framing the World are hosting another conference, this one in Detroit, MI, and centered around soulwinning! If you can, make sure you attend this amazing event.

Again, we are asking for donations to help host this conference. Since we are offering this event for free, though it costs a lot of money for us ($15000), we need support to put this on. Please consider donating and helping us out!

Everyone who donates gets a special nametag at the conference and  5% off all at-conference purchases. If you donate $100+, you get a copy of the DVD series we're making out of the conference (like we did for the PTBPC).

Speakers that will be attending the event:

  1. Pastor Steven Anderson
  2. Pastor Roger Jimenez
  3. Pastor Joe Major
  4. Pastor Tommy McMurtry
  5. Pastor David Berzins
  6. Pastor Donnie Romero
  7. Pastor Jason Robinson
  8. Pastor Michael Johnson
  9. Pastor Logan Robertson
  10. Bro. Bruce Mejia
  11. Pastor Tim Delelao
  12. Pastor Manly Perry
  13. Evangelist Garrett Kirchway
  14. Pastor Tyler J. Doka