Pastors and Churches Gone Wild [Paperback Book]


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Is the Christian establishment going to hell in a hand-basket, or has it already gone?
Have America’s pastors gone “off their rockers?” Reading these outrageous, true stories by Texe Marrs, you will be amazed. These unbelievable pastors run our largest churches. They are seen by tens of millions on TV. Yet, they are preaching and doing the most horrific things—and their churches are growing fast. People everywhere are lapping it up. Surely, the Devil and his demons are laughing and cheering as those pastors go wild, make fools of themselves, and lead entire congregations down pathways straight to hell!
Here are just a few of the incredible, true stories you will discover in Pastors and Churches Gone Wild!:
• Church leader says Christians are going to hell, which is “quite an agreeable place.”
• Lesbian theologian encourages prayer to “Saint Uncumber, a bearded female saint.”
• Naked pastor preaches to all nude church.
• Minister resigns from Episcopal Church, says he’s “fleeing the madhouse.”
• Assembly of God pastor claims Jesus Christ visited him dressed as a fireman.
• Church run by cocaine abusers has set up a “Crackheads for Jesus” organization.
• Sexy Christian women are into “pole dancing for Jesus.”
Attractive “Hookers for Jesus” dress in sexy pink tops and hand out religious tracts.

Softcover, 252 pages, 7" x 10"