Framing the World Collection [Combo]


Not afraid to tackle controversial and sensitive subjects, Paul Wittenberger is rapidly gaining notoriety not only in the truth seeking community, but worldwide. His documentaries, unique in their artistic presentation and informative nature, appeal to all audiences. Take advantage of great savings by purchasing his thirteen latest films, one CD and two books, together in this special offer.

The Framing the World Collection includes:

  • Framing the World Trading Cards Series 2 $30
  • Jamaica: A 3D Missions Project $25
  • The New-IFB Soul Winning Conference (4-Disk DVD) $60
  • The Post-Trib Bible Prophecy Conference (5-Disk DVD) $60
  • Babylon USA (DVD) $20
  • The Books of Thessalonians (2-Disk DVD) $60
  • Guyana (DVD) $15
  • After the Tribulation (New Edition w/ 13 Hours of Bonus Footage) $40
  • Fluoride: Poison on Tap (DVD) $20
  • Marching to Zion (DVD) $20
  • Dont Tread On Us (Music CD) $15
  • New World Order Bible Versions (DVD) $20
  • The Book of Revelation (5-Disk DVD) $100
  • After The Tribulation (DVD) $20
  • The Great Culling: Our Water (DVD) $20
  • What in the World Are They Spraying? (DVD) $20