• Soul-Winning Seminar


    Do you have a desire to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Would you like to take an active part in the command to preach the gospel to every creature? Are you burdened for your loved ones who have not yet placed their faith in Christ for salvation? In this Soul-winning Seminar, you will learn how to effectively present the Gospel to an unbeliever. From starting up the conversation, to getting your convert in church and baptized, this Soul-winning Seminar by Pastor Roger Jimenez will walk you through a structured and proven plan to become a fruitful soul-winner. This seminar will equip you to become the soul-winner that is needed to bring in a great harvest of souls because the “harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”

    Pastor Roger Jimenez has nearly two decades of soul-winning experience. He has been involved in soul-winning and soul-winning churches from a young age. The Lord has also used him and his family to start Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California, which is now a growing and thriving church. This church was started and continues to grow by simply going out door to door and preaching the gospel. Pastor Jimenez now brings his experience, and the experience of all those who have invested in him, to you in this powerful seminar.