Titanic: A Perfect Crime [Paperback Book]


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A ship's captain, with the benefit of state-of-the-art submersibles, is sent on a mission, to document and photograph the final resting place of the historical TITANIC. Gold fever takes hold when it becomes known that a fortune in treasure may still be with her. But all that pales when the expedition uncovers evidence that the official account of her sinking was a brilliantly contrived deception to cover up one of the greatest crimes of all time.

This action-packed novel explores little known facts of that famous tragedy and provides jaw-dropping insights to the new discoveries that came about with the finding of the 100-year-old ship wreck. The book's controversial scenario of what really happened that fateful night is amazingly consistent with the historical record. No other theory explains so many parts of the mystery. Includes an Introduction by G. Edward Griffin. 372 pages. 

A novel by Patrea Patrick.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a novel and contains swearing.